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Keys to Unlock Vitality in 30 Days with Kimberly Bourbeau! Ep112

#112 – Embark on a journey to wellness with Kimberly Bourbeau, Regional Vice President with Arbonne and I, your host Richard Conner, as we discuss how a blend of nutrition, hydration, and 30-Day Health Program can revolutionize your health. I’ll be recounting my own experience with nutrition and hydration strategies; and Kimberly shares the ethos behind Arbonne’s vegan and sustainable products, while also sharing her personal milestones of tackling fitness challenges.

Topics Covered:

  • Learn how to fuel your body properly on a daily basis
  • Find out how you may be impacted by the disparity in how many toxic chemicals banned around the world are found in everyday products
  • Hear how to incorporate clean eating into even the most hectic of schedules
  • Discover how you can make big changes in only 30 days

Kimberly Bourbeau

Kimberly is full-time corporate, Regional Vice President with Arbonne, wife, and mom of 3, dog mom, and athlete.

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Listen to Inspire to Run Podcast:

Richard Conner: [00:00:00] Hi, my friend, I’m excited to have Kimberly Bourbeau back on the show. As we recently did an Instagram live, and we talked about ways that you could feel your body properly, and we share some information with you that you may not be aware of with your nutrition and hydration products today. So we’re excited to share some information with you that we really think can help.

Also, we talk about how you can make significant changes in your life in just 30 days with the right hydration and nutrition products. So we’re excited to share this information and we have a special announcement for the inspired to run community. So excited to share all this with you today and hope you enjoy.

Intro/Outro: Welcome to inspire to run podcast. Here, you will find inspiration, whether you’re looking to take control of your health and fitness, or you are a seasoned runner looking for community and some extra motivation, you will hear inspiring stories from amazing runners, along with helpful tips from fitness experts.

Now, here’s your host, Richard [00:01:00] Conner.

Richard Conner: Hi, my friend, welcome to inspire to run Instagram live. I’m excited for our topic tonight. We are going to talk about healthy living and what you can do to jumpstart that in your life, and I’m excited to have Kimberly Bourbeau here with us tonight. Uh, she was a guest on our podcast, Back in episode 61. And the title is live a healthy and successful life.

Never dreamed possible. And she shared her incredible story. She’s a full time corporate regional vice president with Arbonne wife, mama, three dog mom, and athlete. And it’s just been a pleasure for me to Kimberly get to know her and just the incredible work that she’s done and the story that she has. Um, so welcome to the Kimberly. I’m excited to have this chat with you.

I always

Kimberly Bourbeau: love spending time with you, Richard. So happy to be here.

Richard Conner: I appreciate that. And let’s just kind of get into the conversation. You know, I’ll just share a little bit [00:02:00] about, you know, kind of my story and what led us to this conversation. So, you know, my own personal journey, I’ve been on this journey of being able to do things that I never thought I could.

Do before. And in order to do that, I had to do things I’ve never done before. And really kind of take on new challenges and overcome fears and obstacles, which has been, you know, incredible journey for me. And, you know, kind of along the way, I’ve had a lot of help and support in that, in terms of, you know, the people that I’ve met along the way, I’ve talked about coach Kevin all the time from underdog fitness, but also incredible people like, like Kimmi.

So, you know, there’s been. Um, a few things that have really helped me kind of in my fitness journey, uh, around, uh, nutrition and hydration in particular. And, you know, even being a runner since high school, I can’t say that I’ve done, you know, all the things that have really could have helped me, you know, really perform better.

kind of as a, as an athlete. And that’s something that I’ve [00:03:00] been learning for the last few years and finding the right nutrition and right hydration products and the right training plan, um, and nutrition plan to help me. So, so I love to share that with all of you and I’ve kind of shared tips and tricks kind of, uh, through the, through the podcast and through the Instagram live.

And tonight we’re going to share a A few things that, you know, has really helped me over the last few months. And I’m really excited to, to share some of these things with you. So that’s kind of the, that’s kind of what we’re going to get into tonight. So really excited. So, you know, what I’d love to do is, you know, really kind of focus the conversation around, um, some of those products, some of those hydration nutrition products that have helped me in the, we’re going to talk a little bit about, you know, how best to use those and, and help them, you know, help you kind of in your journey.

So, so, Um, so we’ll talk, Kimmi, you know, I’ll turn over to you for just a little bit. So, you know, we’re talking about, you know, these really great products that I just started using recently that, uh, that I really love that are from Arman. And [00:04:00] there’s a lot of things that, that I love about these products.

You know, some of the things that I try to do is. is try to use some vegan products, you know, because, you know, just my, I’ve learned that my body tolerates certain things better than others. And I found that some vegan products, you know, work better for me. So, you know, that’s one of the advantages that I love about the products that I use from Arbonne, but just as a company, you know, just as, you know, the philosophy around sustainability and the philosophy around community.

And those things. So, you know, Kimmi, if you could just share a little bit first about yourself and just a little bit about Arbonne as we start the conversation here.

Kimberly Bourbeau: Awesome. Yeah, thank you. So yeah, my name is Kim. Everyone calls me Kimmi. I’ll never introduce myself as Kimmi, but everyone who knows me, I’m Kimmi.

So I just turned 36 years young. I’m going to say that because I feel like. I have never felt so good in my life. And it’s funny because I met Richard at a Deka fitness [00:05:00] competition. I was there presenting my Arbonne products. And while I was there on the sidelines, I was like, I could do this. So that’s why I always love like just saying how he said, like challenging yourself, like never stop challenging yourself.

So at 35 years old. Like I stepped into this whole new, like fitness Avenue of my life that I like, I’m absolutely in love with. So like Richard said, never stop challenging yourself, but a little bit about me. I’m 36 years old. I live in Long Island, New York. I have three kids. They’re upstairs. So if they come down and make their self presence, they love Arbonne too.

They love fitness so they can come in and chime in as well. That’s why I love, you know, the ability to work from home. I still work full time corporate. I do. I love my job. Um, I have all these fitness goals now and by learning. About my nutrition and honing into the body and healing the body naturally. I recently got my personal training certificate.

I became a new, I got nutrition certified too. Like I got [00:06:00] all these certs too. So again, like learning how to feel my body properly seven years ago has completely changed the trajectory of my life in like such a positive way. So. Super cool. But he meant, uh, Richard mentioned Arbonne and it was something that I never, it was just a bag of protein on my French shelf.

Like I was mid back squat and I was like, Ooh, what’s that? And like, that’s how this all started. And that’s why we’re on this call tonight too. Um, so Arbonne, you know, it’s a 44 year old company. Again, I’ve never heard of it again until I was like mid back squat. So. What I love about it too is like as a busy, blessed, I don’t like to say the word busy, I like to say blessed mom is that like I am a big label reader.

I like, I’m very conscious of what I put in and on my skin is ever since I became a mom, you know, here in America, like everybody, like, Cancer rates are high. The, like everyone’s sick. And that’s just because of the, like the food that we put in our body, the products that we use. So I learned about Arbonne and I trust, I [00:07:00] wholeheartedly trust.

So just a little bit about the company too. So Arbonne goes above industry standards in testing both on our nutrition products, um, and our skincare products. So we go above the standard. So I don’t know if you guys know this in America, we only ban about 14 toxic chemicals. Arbonne, we’ve been over 2000.

So again, like I’m loving and I’m kissing up on my babies all day long. I’m not scared. My makeup, my, uh, skincare products, my makeup is going to bombard them with toxins or, you know, myself either too. So, uh, we are formulated without gluten. Uh, he mentioned that we’re vegan. We’re cruelty free, uh, non GMOs.

So again, products used with no dairy, no soy, no nuts, no common allergens. Cause the more you use these products and you realize like what’s not in them, like you start to do your own research and be like, wow, like that’s really not good. Like I really shouldn’t be eating all this dairy. I shouldn’t be intaking all this gluten and stuff like that too.

So it’s like I said, it’s just completely changed my whole life by just learning and honing into this stuff. Um, so also about [00:08:00] Arbonne too, we believe in a holistic approach to beauty, health, And wellbeing, focusing on the whole person from the inside out. So we use innovative plant-based products, ingredients grounded in science and clinical research too.

So again, like high standards right there for safety too. Uh, we have ethical standards in Europe. Like I said, we O America, we only been about 14 toxic chemicals. Uh, Europe, they ban 1600, Arbonne 2000. Again, like I have such trust right there. We have a huge not allowed list. So again, like.

Above industry standards. And just from the beginning, like Arbonne as a company, healthy living from the inside out, like our core values started, uh, with the inception that we’re just like more than just a, a wellness industry. Um, it gets down to the cellular beauty, you know, collagen support, plant-based nutrition, mindfulness, the microbiome.

Like, I don’t know if you guys never like hear, like microbiome, like I feel like I hear it. Like we’ve been above the timing and the trends before, like, that was cool. So like we were gluten [00:09:00] free and plant based before that was even a thing, like 15 years ago. So, um, and Arbonne just takes these focuses one step further, uh, for an overall philosophy of wellbeing supported by their integrative, you know, product portfolio.

Cause there’s over 400 different products. So that’s that,

Richard Conner: I love it. I love it. No, no, that’s great. That’s great, Kim. And you can definitely explain it a lot better than I can. So, you know what? I’m excited to share. So the journey that I’ve been on, I shared the journey that I was on personally, but with the podcast, you know, I wanted to take the podcast in this platform to the next level.

So, you know, what we’ve been doing for the last three years is sharing. Inspiring stories, um, from athletes like Kim and also sharing, you know, the tips and advice from experts like, you know, fitness experts, nutritionists, again, like Kim. So you got both in, in one person here. So, so we’ve been sharing the stories and I wanted to do more than that.

Like, how can I offer, you know, some of these products and services that we’ve talked about on the show? How [00:10:00] can I offer that to you to help? You know, you on your journey. So I’m excited to share that. I’ve become an independent consultant for Arbonne as a way to directly do that. So, you know, I may refer, um, you know, you are listeners or community to the products and services that I use, but in this way, I can directly offer that to you as an independent consultant.

I’m really excited to come on and share that with you here, but also talk about some of the things that I’ve used, some of the products that I’ve used personally, again, to support my running journey. Um, although I haven’t tried everything that Arbonne has to offer, there’s a lot, lot there and I focus on, you know, a portion of it, um, which is great.

Richard Conner: Right. I focused on a portion of it at the moment to, to fuel my, my running and kind of my athletic, athletic activities. Um, so I could talk a little bit about that. And we have some, you know, so we have some tips and advice to share. With you, about Arbonne, what Arbonne has to offer. So some of the things that I’ve used that I’ve really, really, really enjoyed is the first thing is around, um, [00:11:00] electrolytes.

So I think I shared this story before on the show where, you know, I started running a lot outdoors and a lot longer distances. So in high school, I was a. runner or track runner. So kind of long distance, but kind of not right. So 5k was really the longest that I did. So over the last few years, I’ve been running a lot more longer distances.

So I talked about the half marathons I’ve done. Hopefully this year I run my first marathon. That’s one of my big goals for the year, but I found myself running a lot of doors and I just wasn’t feeling well. One day and someone was like for like a couple of days and I wasn’t really sick. I just wasn’t feeling well.

Someone’s like, hey, are you taking something like with electrolytes? And I’m like, um, I don’t think so. And which is super embarrassing, right? For someone who’d been running for many years and. I it’s just basics that I didn’t even know. So that’s always been top of mind for me that I’ve been looking for the right products to use just for my daily electrolytes.

So that’s the first thing that I’ve used is, and let me see if I could put it on the, on the screen here. There’s the true [00:12:00] sport. Right. So this is what I’ve been using for my daily hydration. I’ve really, really enjoyed that. And I’ve also used, I know one of the more popular products from Arbonne is the Fizz.

And I know Kim talks about the Fizz all the time. Is that what’s in your drink as well? It’s actually Fizz and

Kimberly Bourbeau: hydration.

Richard Conner: I’m a double. So you do both. You double it up. Um, I haven’t been that adventurous to double, double things up. So I’ve been, uh, taking one thing at a time, but I know there’s a lot of opportunity to double up.

So that’s what I’ve been doing to, to really help me kind of the hydration, making sure I’m getting the electrolytes and the proper hydration to fuel all the things I’m doing. Right. So it’s my day to day life, but also all the running and I’m working out and everything that I do. So, you know, that’s just a couple of the products that, um, Uh, the many that Arbonne has to offer.

So we wanted to come on and share some of those with. To you and you know, you can certainly, it can certainly help you learn more about that, but also along with the products. But also what I love [00:13:00] about Arbonne is that the company brings these products to life, right? So it’s not just, Hey, try our fizz and you’ll love it.

And it’s great. And, you know, but it’s also like, here’s an actual program that you could follow to help you reach your goals and get to where you want to be. And that’s, you know, one of the things that I love about, you know, Although being new to the community, this community, one of the things I loved about what I’ve really seen is kind of the authenticity and it’s really about really about helping others, right?

Reach their goals and, um, and yeah, so that that’s one of the things I love outside of, you know, starting to use these products and also. So excited to, to offer them to my community.

Kimberly Bourbeau: Yeah. Community is everything. I mean, between like the Deka fitness community, like the Arbonne community, like, I feel like I’m just surrounded by amazing people and I tell people to like, you know, take the car, take the money, take whatever, just like, give me the, like, leave me the people because like, they’re just so great.

And everybody has the same, the same mindset, you know, like wanting to hit their personal [00:14:00] goals, help other people serve, love, give back. And not only, like, I. Love Arbonne because not only it like it holds me accountable to like, as this fitness like person, you know, and you know, my kids see me set goals, go after them, put new ones up on the refrigerator, go after them.

And then I’m like, guys, like, what do you like? What are your goals? Like, it’s just this whole positive ripple effect that the world really needs right now. So And you were mentioned the, um, like the, the pack. So it’s not just like, you can just go online and, you know, go on which is Rich’s website and just like purchase the products.

Great. But there’s like the mind body connection that I mentioned a little bit earlier to like, like why you need to, you know, wake up in the morning and like drink a protein shake as opposed to just running out the door and stopping at Starbucks and grabbing a 7 latte. That’s not going to fuel your body properly nutritional wise.

So it’s all like. Synergistically connected. And I love that too. And for me, when I first approached this to my husband, I was like, [00:15:00] seven years ago, I want to do this like clean eating program. It’s like, ah, chicken and broccoli for a month. And I’m like, no, like I was told there’s a little bit more to it too.

So it teaches you like how, so yeah, you’re going to use these products. I’d rather, Personally, me like knowing what I know, I’d rather, you know, eat my, you know, fiber, eat my protein in like whole foods, but again, like busy mommy. I don’t know if you hear my three kids screaming upstairs. Uh, like it’s just not in the cards right now.

So. That’s why I, you know, I wake up in the morning and I make my protein shake. I’ve been drinking a protein shake for the past seven years. And honestly, I can’t even imagine starting my day any other way. Um, I would go, Ooh, it’s going to be vanilla. Is it going to be coffee? Is it going to be chocolate?

Like, am I going to add this to it? Strawberries, banana, like whatever. So it’s just, you can forever change it that way too. So, and it’s not. And it’s not just like we’re giving you these products and we’re like, okay, good luck. Like no, like there is a whole like support team and group and recipes and why, [00:16:00] okay, like why you’re going to use almond milk as opposed to whole milk in your shake, like things like that.

Because like, I didn’t know, like, I thought I knew back then, but I really had no idea. And you can really, and like what I’ve learned from the past seven years of being an Arbonne consultant, being in touch with my body and, and the food that I eat is like, you can truly heal your body naturally. And I am the biggest person.

Like, you know, I, I love doctors and everything, but like, Truly like have they gotten to the root cause? Like that’s my thing. Like, have they gotten to the root cause of the illnesses? And like, I’m not a doctor, not saying it at all. I’m just saying that you can like heal your body. Like if you wake up in the morning and like step outside for 10 minutes with no shoes on, like ground yourself, get that vitamin D naturally.

Like go inside, like do some whole celery, like. Celery juice, like add some semo. Like there’s ways to go like, and I’ve learned that [00:17:00] over these years by just connecting and researching and like really getting in touch. And I just truly am so grateful for doing a three day program, seven and a half years ago now, because now I can help other people, like, you know, I have.

cousins with like illnesses and like, like waking, like, or they’d wake up in the middle of the night, just like with acid reflux. And I’m like, Can you just like, listen to me, like, give this a try, like for 30 days, give this a try and see what happens. And they’re like, holy smokes, you know, it’s just amazing when you like put the focus on you, because we’re so quick to again, like busy mama three, like I’m not You know, I’m on the back burner, but I’ve learned like self care is self serving, not selfish, you know, and it’s like, mom’s like, you need to hear that.

And in order, you got to take care of yourself in order to take care of everything else. So I don’t know if you want me to get into like the actual 30 day program or, or our green product that we’ve talked about in the morning, our little green shot. So,

Richard Conner: yeah, let’s talk [00:18:00] about the 30 day program. Cause I, you know, just thinking about it, I just realized this week, like we’re at beginning of spring.

It’s so crazy. And I’m like, spring is already here, which I’m very happy about that. Cause I’m not a winter person and I’m more of a summer person. So we’re one step closer, but you know, with spring being here and summer around the corner, I know this is usually the time other than your new year’s resolution.

I know this is probably the time where you’re thinking about. Gosh, summer’s right around the corner. And you know, I know many folks probably have goals that they want to hit by the summertime. Right. I want to be outside and I want to feel good and I want to be active. And so, yeah. So let’s talk about that 30 day program to, you know, help folks in the call or maybe people they know, um, within the community to, if they, you know, if they’re kind of off track from their new year’s resolution or not where they want to be and summer’s right around the corner.

On the corner and they’re looking for something to help them, you know, get closer to [00:19:00] their goal. I think the 30 day program is, you know, could be that answer. So yeah, why don’t you share a little bit about that.

Kimberly Bourbeau: Definitely. So, like Richard said, if you’re looking to like lose weight, like feel confident in a bikini or whatever by this summer, um, or you’re just wanting to feel better, like if you have like.

If you wake up in the morning with bags under your eyes, sinus pressure, like joint pain, like that’s not normal. Like you’re not supposed to wake up feeling that way. And that’s from the food that we eat. So I love our 30 day program because it’s our most like customizable bundle. And you guys can help pick your flavors and just go from there.

So, and again, it’s going to heal your body from the inside out. So most of our bodies from the foods that we eat are acidic, you know, High processed stuff like that. The point of this program is to help neutralize the pH. Again, diseases can’t thrive or survive in a balanced environment. So again, like healing the body from the inside out too.

And it’s funny cause my, my hairdresser too, like [00:20:00] she is an Arbonne consultant too, because she’s like, your hair never used to grow. But again, like from fueling your body differently, I just, she’s calling me right now. That’s why I thought of that. But again, you’re just like healing your body naturally from the inside out.

So And also what I love about this program too is like you get like the support group, you get the recipes and, but again, if you’re looking to just kickstart, you know, wanting to feel healthy, wanting to lose pounds or inches, wanting to feel better, like this is the program for you. Uh, if you want to like, get started with, you know, like pick up these healthy habits, like.

You know, you, you, you’re getting older, you’re, you, you can’t keep up with your grandkids or whatever the case may be. Like, again, start focusing on you and it all comes down to like the food that you eat. So, um, with the kit, like the steps to success again, is. You know, the foods that you, the products that you get again, it’s not just like use these products and you’re not going to eat foods like, no, like we’re going to teach you how to, you know, prepare your meals as well.

But again, like the average, [00:21:00] uh, American, American needs, you know, 24 grams of fiber in their diet. The average American, you know, gets about two from their, you know, from their diet that they eat on a daily. So again, Arbonne gives you a fiber supplement, for example, that has 12 grams of fiber. You just put in your shakes simply, again, it’s to help like replenish the nutrients in your body that you need, that you’re not getting from your crazy, because I’m sure everyone’s just as crazy as me, life that you live.

So Arbonne. You get two bags of protein. I love our protein shakes, honestly. Like we just came out with a new one. We have one with less sugar. We have a regular one. And then we have one called essential meal. Um, it’s made with avocado oil. There’s no other protein on the market made with avocado oil. So again, super clean.

It has 20, uh, 24 grams of vitamin, um, protein, there’s other macronutrients and minerals in there again. So it’s like a meal. It’s a literal meal in a cup that you can put in a blender. You can put in a shaker cup and just like go about your day like fast, you know, you’re not going to get that from going to Starbucks [00:22:00] or McDonald’s or whatever in the morning.

So that’s a meal. It’s like you can replace one or two meals per day. If you want, it depends on your results. And again, you can get with Richard and you know, he’ll help, you know, Customize this program for you as well. Uh, you also get a pre and probiotic again, like microbiome. I don’t, I feel like I hear that every everywhere now because it’s like, heal your gut.

If you’re gonna learn one thing tonight. If you take care of your gut, you’re gonna take care of your whole entire life. Like your skin issues reside in your gut, like your sex drive, your serotonin, and things that make you happy, like take care of your gut and you take care of everything. You know, you hear of so many people with like gluten intolerance, celiac, you know, IBS, like again, it’s like all gut issues and it comes from the food that we eat.

So our pre and probiotic, it also has digestive enzymes in it too. You get a bag of fiber as well. You get detox tea, which helps to support the liver and the kidneys. Fizz, which is our absolute favorite. So this is our, like, people know Arbonne, they know Fizz. It’s um, Natural energy, B [00:23:00] vitamins, green, uh, green tea, ginseng, guarana, uh, CoQ10, like again, that’s good for the brain.

Lord knows we need that. Uh, you get two boxes of that. There’s so many different flavors. And again, like I’m going through this so fast. Um, but we can give you more information if you are interested, but like. And you’re like, wow, Kim, like you just literally threw up all this product on me. There’s no wrong way to use this product.

I actually had, um, somebody recently in the Deka community use the products and he’s like, I, you know, I, um, he’s like, uh, my wife uses it as well, but she’s a nurse and she’s up all night. So like, we helped tweak the program. So again, like, if you want to drink a tea in the morning, great. If you want to drink a tea at night, great, whatever, like we can help customize it to you.

But again, it’s just, it’s just, It’s just decide like for 30 days like you could do anything and like for the people who Do this program and they like question themselves They’re by the end. They’re truly blown away I always tell people like take a [00:24:00] before picture and then take an after people after picture and they’re like, holy smokes For me, like when I did my first 30 day program, I lost 12 pounds, 14 inches.

And that was with barely working out. So, and it just goes by the food that you eat. And honestly, like, I didn’t even care about the pounds and inches. Like I was sleeping better at night. My skin cleared up. I was able to keep up with my kid. Like I had Kenny at the time I was able to like, not feel tired after hanging out with Ken.

Like it was just wow. And like, people were just like, there’s something different about you. And I’m like, I’m just feeling my body differently. So it just, it’s so important because like the food that we eat can just like totally bog us down. And it doesn’t have to be that way. Like you don’t know how good the body is supposed to feel until you start feeling it.

And I want everybody to feel that way. So

Richard Conner: I love it. I love it. Well, I definitely feel good and I definitely enjoyed, you know, learning about the products, using the products and, you know, I get so much energy from [00:25:00] Kim, so I appreciate you sharing your energy with everyone and, you know, all this great information.

So, you know, so this is what we’re excited to share with you. You know, we wanted to talk a little bit about, you know, Arbonne experience there, but in, in how to make it actionable and how to help you in your journey is, is one of the ways is through this 30 day plan, which I really, really love. So, you know, what I love for you to do is just reach out to me on Instagram.

You can send me a DM, you can send me an email, Richard at inspired to run. co and, and just inquire about it. And we could chat about the program. We could chat about the products. We could chat about your goals, like what you’re looking to accomplish. So again, this is, I’m excited because, um, We’re taking, you know, the stories and the advice and the tips from the show and we’re taking it to the next level.

Right. And once you’re inspired and you’re ready to take action here, here’s one of those things that you could do to really, you know, get to the next level and take action kind of in your health and wellness journey. So I’m excited to, to share all this with everyone. I’m excited for [00:26:00] Kim to come on and share her experience and support me um, with this.

So. So, yeah. So thanks, Kim.

Kimberly Bourbeau: Oh, anytime, anytime. I love you, Richard. I’ll see you in two weeks, right?

Richard Conner: Three weeks. Yeah, it’s coming up soon. So everybody knows this is race season. So we’ve got a bunch of races. We’ve already done two this year. So I’ll talk more about that on the show, about how I’m doing this year and kind of how I’m progressing towards my goals.

But yeah, we got a couple of hybrid races and Spartan Deka races coming up. And I also have. You know, a number of road races throughout the year. So yeah, we’ll be seeing each other soon. And I actually,

Kimberly Bourbeau: I just signed up for the mile yesterday because I was like, Ooh, Richard reminded me and I needed a good little extra push for my workouts.

I was like, all right, let’s get a date on the calendar.

Richard Conner: Let’s do it. Let’s do it. All right. So, so that’s it for tonight. Again, reach out to me, you can DM me on Instagram, @inspiretorunpodcast. Uh, you can send me an email, [00:27:00] and again, we chat about your goals, chat about Arbonne, chat about the 30 day program.

So thanks again, Kim. Thanks everyone for joining tonight. And with that, have a great night.

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