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It’s Your Race, Your Pace with Tanisha Earls! Episode 018

#018 – Today’s guest, Tanisha Earls, is a wife, mother, and a new runner. She started her journey 6 years ago by receiving a gift from her husband of a Fitbit. Tanisha share with us how she started running and her journey since then.

Topics Covered:

  • Journey to becoming a runner
  • How an activity tracker motivated change
  • Importance of family and support groups

Today’s Guest

Tanisha Earls Tanisha Earls is a wife, mother, and a new runner. She started her journey 6years ago by receiving a gift from her husband of a Fitbit. Receiving that gift inspired her to move, from walking, hiking to running; which had inspired her family and friends. She has completed two 5K, three 10K, and three 15K races (which are her favorite) and one half marathon. Her future goals are to continue to inspire, learn and educate.

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Richard Conner 0:00

Welcome to Episode 18. I’m really enjoying meeting fellow runners and hearing their stories. And today we’re going to speak with Tanisha. Earls, who shares her story about how she started running and her journey since then, I have been inspired by these stories. And I hope you are too. I hope you enjoy. Here’s what you can look forward to on this episode of inspire virtual runs podcast.

Tanisha Earls 0:24

I found some stuff off like, oh, why I’m not moving as much as I thought I was. And that my legs basically I guess I was doing a lot of talking and a lot of shoulder movement. I don’t know, but I wasn’t doing a lot of moving moving like I thought I was. And when that was just brought to light. I was like, Okay, well, you know what, on my breaks and lunches. Let me just walk Let me see if that makes a difference. And literally, I was the little lady out there with the tennis shoes and the skirts on her lunch breaks and then just walking around at work. I’m like, okay, and then it just kind of morphed.

Intro/Outro 1:00

Welcome to Inspire virtual runs podcast, whether you are new to running or seasoned. Get tips and the inspiration that you need to achieve your health and fitness goals. Now, here’s your host, Richard Conner.

Richard Conner 1:18

Hi, everyone. Welcome to Inspire virtual runs podcast. I’m here with today’s guest, Tanisha Earl’s. Tanisha is a wife, mother and a new runner. She started her journey six years ago, by receiving a gift from her husband of a Fitbit. Receiving that gift inspired her to move from walking, hiking to running, which inspired her family and friends. She has completed two 5K’s three 10Ks, and three 15Ks, which are her favorite, and one half marathon. Her future goals are to continue to inspire to learn and educate. Tanisha, welcome to the show.

Tanisha Earls 2:04

Thank you for having me. Thank you.

Richard Conner 2:07

You have such an interesting story and great success. When your your running career essay, you say you’re a new runner, but it sounds like you’ve, you’ve done quite a bit here with all of your races. So so love to get into that and talk, you know a little bit about that on the show. But let’s just start by just getting to know you like

Tanisha Earls 2:26


Richard Conner 2:27

Tell us kind of what you do. And just tell us a little bit about yourself.

Tanisha Earls 2:31

Well, I work for a pharmaceutical wholesaler company, in Temecula, California. And right now we’re in very high demand due to COVID-19 with all the vaccines that we do have available, some in the operations department. So I do a lot of adjustments, a lot of speaking to the doctors, verifying just their information, getting them set up. That’s what I do professionally. Outside of that I’m just consumed by running. And as you mentioned, it did it started, wow, you put me on thought, it started about six years ago, with a gift, you know, from my husband, he gave me a Fitbit. And it took me the longest time to even set that up. And I don’t know if you can relate. But when you get a gift that you have to, you know, log on to the computer, I’m just like, ah, I work on a computer all day. When I come home, I want a break.

Richard Conner 3:27


Tanisha Earls 3:28

So my husband actually he set it up and he did everything besides put it around my wrist.

Richard Conner 3:38

That’s awesome.

Tanisha Earls 3:39

From there, it’s I’ve been moving ever since. Matter of fact, I’m in a challenge right now. And they’re like, where are you?

Richard Conner 3:46

That’s so awesome. So tell me about that. So you, your husband bought you your Fitbit, which is which is a very nice gift. So kudos to him. And did you just automatically once you got it on your wrist you just started running or just like how did your journey start? Once you got the Fitbit on your wrist?

Tanisha Earls 4:04

I got it. And I was like okay, what is this? What is this thing? I didn’t know what it was, you know, what is it? And then I did some reading and I went to the website and I was doing some reading and it was saying that you know, the average healthy heart person should have like 10,000 steps. It was given me all this information that I’ve never really even thought about to be honest. And I was like oh wow, I do that. What are you talking about? I do all that and then I got the nice surprise. I think by the end of the day with me working and going up all my stairs that I go up and just doing you know, or motherly errands. I think I was averaging maybe about 5000 steps like oh wow I’m not moving as much as I thought I was and that my legs basically I guess I was doing a lot of talking and a lot of shoulder movement. I don’t know but I wasn’t doing a lot of moving moving Like I thought I was and when that was just brought to light. I was like, Okay, well, you know what, oh, my breaks and lunches. Let me just walk. Let me see if that makes a difference. And literally, I was the little lady out there with the tennis shoes and the skirts on her lunch breaks and then just walking around at work, I’m like, Okay. And then it just kind of morphed. It kind of just consumed my soul. I got an invite from one of my girlfriends to go hiking. I was like, I was like, okay, easy hike. I can you know, it’s walking. That’s what everyone thinks hiking is it’s walking. I’m really not gonna hike up a mountain. You know, I don’t need any special shoes or anything. And yeah, no, she lied to me. That’s exactly what I was doing. That’s exactly what I was doing. And, and then what? Oh, my gosh, that same friend, I don’t know why I believed her again. If she was just, you know, let’s go for a run. And I was like, run, what are you doing? Who does this at five o’clock in the morning? You know, I was like, who runs at five o’clock in the morning. That’s so crazy. And bingo, I was out there running five o’clock in the morning. And now I run no later than 5:30 in the mornings, like I have to get up and the first thing I do is run. Okay, just give me 30 minutes. Just let me be out there in the wind and I’ll be good.

Richard Conner 6:19

That’s really that’s really funny. I and it’s funny, you mentioned that because one of the sayings that I had read and shared with the Inspire virtual runs community was was something about you have to start running very early in the morning before your mind figures out what your body’s doing.

Tanisha Earls 6:35

Yeah, cuz once you have a chance to change your mind, it’s

Richard Conner 6:38

forget it’s over. That’s pretty awesome. So what, you know, what was that like for you? So you mentioned you started hiking when you never hiked before? And you started running when you never really random for like, how did you feel? How did you prep for that?

Tanisha Earls 6:53

It was hard. Actually, I remember like, even I when I started walking, I started walking. And I would do like maybe three miles after work and are on the weekends I would walk run I would like, of course I only go through neighborhoods because I figured, okay, I’ll walk on the sidewalk and when I had to across the street. I’ll jog. That’s how I kind of trained myself. I walked on the sidewalk, but it was time to cross the street. I kind of just did a little, a little jog that really wore me out. doing that, that made me so tired. And I wasn’t a coffee drinker. So when I started running, I started drinking coffee too. So because it just wore me out and I was like, Okay, I I still have other things to do. So that’s how I started I would go only through neighborhoods. So I knew how to cross the street and I would jog and before you knew it, I was just running in the street. So I was like one phase at a time I and then I told her as long as we’re walking hiking, I can do it. But boy, she had me on some inclines.

Richard Conner 7:57

Mm hmm. And how did you feel like you progressed after that? I mean, as you you’re into this a few days, a few weeks like it? Did you feel like it became easier for you? or How did that go for you?

Tanisha Earls 8:09

Um, I want to say maybe the first year to be honest, was hard.

Richard Conner 8:12


Tanisha Earls 8:13

It was hard because it was just trying to find a routine it was you know, talking yourself out now, what am I doing? This is crazy. Who gets up on five o’clock on the Saturday and a Sunday just to go hike?

Richard Conner 8:25

Mm hmm.

Tanisha Earls 8:26

So it’s an adjustment. It was a it’s a lifestyle to lifestyle adjustment. I had to move some things around. And then I just got to the place like, Okay, I have to do it, because it feels good. Um, so I want to say it took maybe a year, a good year for it to really just sink in, you know, this is good. This feels good. Mm hmm. Yeah.

Richard Conner 8:52

It took about a year. So you got your your head your routine down at that point. And you kind of made those lifestyle adjustments. So maybe, maybe we could talk about that a little bit. So how did you as far as your routine goes, you mentioned you had to walk or run early in the morning. Were there any other kind of lifestyle adjustments that you made along the way?

Tanisha Earls 9:14

Slowly, like, slowly because you start to see the effects? You know, you get a little excited because you do you lose a couple pounds. And stuff like you know what? Well, I was always kind of a healthy eater. But I never really put two and two together. I don’t know if that makes sense. It probably comes so easy to most, but I took it a very slow pace. I didn’t incorporate like a weights, I only did cardio. Then it came towards my eating. I was like okay, well maybe you know, I don’t need the Cheeto Puffs today. Those are my favorites. Like maybe I don’t need the bag of Cheeto Puffs today or so is this interesting how it slowly just all progressed. Honestly. I stopped Just adding more, more fruits and vegetables, nothing out of the ordinary because I already ate those things like this. I started eating just more of those things. Instead of having my Cheeto Puffs, I would have more fruit. If I was craving something crunchy, I would have nuts instead of my Cheetos or my Doritos, so I just made slow changes like that slowly.

Richard Conner 10:26

That’s great. That’s great that you’re, it sounds like you’re recognizing the balance between the fitness aspect of it and the nutrition. I mean, it’s equally important. Another saying, you cannot outrun a bad diet, I think is another saying I guess I’m full of sayings today. But but but you’re absolutely right. You really got to pay attention to to nutrition in addition to the fitness element.

Tanisha Earls 10:53

You do, and it does go hand in hand. But I think you have to, we have so many fad diets out there. So I think one has to get there on their own, if that makes sense. And I think that was my process. You know, everyone kind of gets there at their own timing. My process probably just took a little longer.

Richard Conner 11:12

But you did it. I mean,

Tanisha Earls 11:13

yeah, but I did it

Richard Conner 11:14

Yeah, that’s great.

Tanisha Earls 11:16

But I did it. So I’m all about celebration. So I did it. I celebrate it.

Richard Conner 11:21

How do you how do you like to celebrate?

Tanisha Earls 11:23

Oh, I think that year I I upgraded my Fitbit. And my husband went on a hike with me. I had like my whole family involved. My kids will go walking with me. So it was just like little celebrations like, okay, I did three miles and then my oldest son, he did cross country. He’s like, okay, Mama, you know, if you get to this mileage, I’ll run with you, you know, because you have to be the best when you run with your kids. And I was like, Okay, I’ll try. And so I got to the mileage and and he ran with me that was he left me though. But that was exciting just to be out there running with him. A little celebration when your family’s out there with you. I love it.

Richard Conner 12:06

Absolutely. So now, so not only are you doing these activities with your friends, but also getting your family involved, which is which is awesome.

Tanisha Earls 12:14

Yeah. It’s a little harder now. They’re older now. So they’re like, Oh, you wake up too early mom.

Richard Conner 12:22

That’s funny. So and, you know, I know, when we spoke earlier, you know, we talked about kind of like, setting goals and, and celebrating the successes along the way. So I appreciate you, you sharing that, that story with us about how you, you know, upgraded your Fitbit and how you also involve your family. I think that’s I think that’s really important for our listeners, you know who, especially those who are just getting started, it’s like you said it’s hard to do because it’s a lifestyle change. You’re building new habits, you’re unlearning habits that you’ve had for a really long time. And if you’re not seeing like the big results, then that might be discouraging, or disheartening, heartening. So, you know, just I love, you know, your kind of philosophy about just kind of celebrating along the way.

Tanisha Earls 13:09

Along the way. And I know this sounds so cliche, but it’s literally one step in front of the other.

Richard Conner 13:15

Mm hmm.

Tanisha Earls 13:15

It’s Take your time you’ll get there. It’s your race, your race, your pace.

Richard Conner 13:21

Absolutely, absolutely. So that’s actually a good transition. So you started talking about races, and I know you’ve done a bunch of races. And let’s let’s talk a little bit about like, what your experience was with those races. You did the five K, the 10, k 15 and a half marathon. Let’s start with how did you train for those races? And what did you do to kind of prepare yourself for them?

Tanisha Earls 13:46

Um, for me, it wasn’t, it was more mental. I was like, Okay, I can do these miles. But it’s more mental, you know, because you get out your comfort zone you have, you’re gonna have this big crowd around you are you going to be able to keep up and so it was a more of a mental, you know, thing with me just saying, you know, you can do this, you do this every day or, you know, you run five miles this day, you can do it, you know, it’s just kind of a mental thing. You have to encourage yourself along the way. It was just a lot of talking to myself. A lot of talking to myself. I did have a great support group, as I mentioned, like, my husband will get out there and run with me. Some of my girlfriend’s got I run the race with, we set some time aside. You know, we encourage each other so we would run together in the morning. So it was about I had a group of people that believed, honestly, and we just did it. We just did it because if you bring up everything negative, you’ll never do it. And so literally it happened. Each race happened at the last minute. It was okay I was thinking about doing my girlfriend was I’m thinking about doing this race. You want I do and I was just like, and so we just started doing those miles beforehand. And she was like, Okay, well, it’s time to register. And I was like, and then we kept doing those miles. And then at the end, I was like, You know what? We can do this, we got this, we can do it. And we registered maybe two weeks before the run. And so, yeah, we just did those miles, it was literally step by step by step. I’m the most probably baby case you ever heard of. But it was literally step by step, step by step.

Richard Conner 15:34

And you step your way up in terms of distance going from five k 10, k 15, and a half marathon, I assume you did those in an order you progress kind of kind of up to the half marathon. So what was your what was like, kind of the driving factor for going all the way up to half marathon? And do you have plans to to go further?

Tanisha Earls 15:55

You know, I, I don’t know if I have plans to go further. I did like the half marathon. And I go back and forth. I go back and forth. And then I was like, that’s a whole another. Is that a whole another 13 miles? Huh. So I go back and forth. And I say that I was like, that’s a whole another 13 miles. I think I was just hanging on from the half marathon. But I do go back and forth. So I don’t want to say never. Okay, but maybe I’ll say maybe I’ll do a marathon. But I would definitely do a half marathon again. I would definitely do a half marathon. I don’t know if I say maybe with the marathon. Have you done one?

Richard Conner 16:41

I have not. So actually I just shared with the community. I finished my first half marathon.

Tanisha Earls 16:47

Oh, congratulations.

Richard Conner 16:49

Thank you. Thank you. It was it was pretty grueling, because I did it as part of a Spartan virtual race.

Tanisha Earls 16:57

Oh wow.

Richard Conner 16:57

And it was not Yeah, it was not only the half marathon, but it was 30 quote unquote, obstacles, which were bodyweight exercises. And I did this in lieu of live races that we had expected to do this year and expected a handful of Spartan races. But one of my goals as part of that was really to do that half marathon distance. So I said, You know what, I know, doing a virtual Spartan Race is not the same as a live race. But I have these goals of achieving this this year. So I’m gonna go through it,

Tanisha Earls 17:28

You’re gonna stick with it.

Richard Conner 17:29

I’m gonna stick with it. And I did a 10 week training program to build up to the miles because I’ve never done the distance before.

Tanisha Earls 17:37

Oh, wow.

Richard Conner 17:37

Even after running for many years it was it was literally new for me. And and I did it every week, I achieved a new new mile mileage so I went from five miles a six to seven all the all the way up. And I hit the 13 miles I think about two weeks before the actual race. And then I tapered down for for those two weeks, and then I did the race. So it was a great experience. But I hear you like I was good. I’d say for the first eight nine miles.

Tanisha Earls 18:07


Richard Conner 18:10

It was it was like, Huh, how much? How much further? Okay, all right, we got it’s a it’s a 5K left. So I can do another five K, I’ve got it in me.

Tanisha Earls 18:22

A countdown, said do you see it as a marathon in your future.

Richard Conner 18:27

Not in the not in the near future. I’m kind of with you. I do another half marathon. But I also think back to the training the training was was pretty heavy, it was a lot of miles every week. I didn’t do as much strength training as I really wanted to during that time. And I am happy that I did it because it’s something I hadn’t done before. But I really missed out on some of the other training that I wanted to do during that time. So I don’t think I’ll make it like a regular or maybe go longer distance. But but i would i would do it again. But my goal right now is for for this upcoming year. I’m thinking my goals are going to be get faster at the distances that I’m doing and probably do another half marathon and and take some time off of how I did it last year. So I did sub two hours, which I’m excited about. So

Tanisha Earls 19:14


Richard Conner 19:14

that’s faster than that.

Tanisha Earls 19:16

That’s awesome.

Richard Conner 19:18


Tanisha Earls 19:19

that is awesome. I don’t I’m trying to remember my time I think I came in it was more or less 10-11 minutes mile on my half marathon. That’s really awesome. Yeah, well,

Richard Conner 19:31

yeah, I mean, in my case, I that’s all I wanted to do. For me first I wanted to finish the deal. But also it’s just like kind of given my 5K my 10K time. That was the that was kind of where I should be for the for the two. I’m sorry for the full half marathon. I thought that that’s how I kind of set my target was based on my five K and 10 k time and then you know, like I said, next year it’ll be about getting faster. So I’ll have to have to train more but definitely want to try to incorporate more strength training throughout my my workouts and that’s

Tanisha Earls 20:05

Yeah, and you know, I’m just now learning that goes hand in hand weights I’m that’s what I’m getting into, this has definitely been a process getting into the weights and the squats, how that goes hand in hand with your speed. And I would have never thought that honestly.

Richard Conner 20:24

Core, legs, you know, it’s really important and not having access to a gym, it’s, it’s been hard to try to do a lot of this at home. So it’s been a lot of bodyweight. And and you know, the motivation is not the same.

Tanisha Earls 20:37

Its different. I know,

Richard Conner 20:39

You’re learning in the gym, but, but these are things we have to overcome.

Tanisha Earls 20:43

Right, and I commend you for doing the half marathon, the Spartan with virtual.That’s hard. It’s one thing when you’re there with everyone and all their energy, it kind of pumps you up. Mm hmm. But when that’s not there, wow, you just have you and your thoughts to do it.

Richard Conner 20:59

That’s it. Now on this particular one I done I did all the other races, completely by myself on this particular one, I was fortunate enough to have my Spartan coach run with me.

Tanisha Earls 21:09

Oh, that’s awesome.

Richard Conner 21:10

And he’s, he’s the greatest guy in the world. This he’s awesome, Kevin. And he, we were supposed to run the live race together. And in Dallas, and obviously that’s canceled or not flying, even if they ran it. We’re not we’re not flying there to do it. And he was just like, Oh, are you still gonna do the virtual? And I was like, Yeah, he’s like, I’ll run it with you. So I’m like, Alright, come on down. It’s totally safe for outdoors. We did all the the obstacles in the run and, and he he was my, you know, inspiration and motivation along the way. So that that was tremendous. But

Tanisha Earls 21:45

That’s awesome.

Richard Conner 21:46

But yeah, but we we talk, you know, that’s something we talked about and Aspire virtual runs all the time. You know, one element of it is the virtual community aspect of it, to have people to kind of inspire and motivate each other with their stories, and what they’re doing. And then the other side, we promote virtual races, because even without the pandemic, there may be folks who are just not comfortable running a live race with, you know, 1000 people or exactly, but with a lot of people are they they just may not feel like they have a good pace or a good time. So a virtual race is kind of a nice, low pressure way to ease yourself into it.

Tanisha Earls 22:26

Break yourself into it. Absolutely. Yeah.

Richard Conner 22:29

And so you know, so that’s something that we promote as well.

Tanisha Earls 22:33

Yeah, it’s definitely I’ve been invited to do a couple and I guess I feed off that energy is like, I need that energy to push myself to keep continuing to go. So I do miss the live races.

Richard Conner 22:47

I know, I get it, I get it. They’re they’re exciting.

Tanisha Earls 22:52

Yeah, they are. It’s a whole, like you said, you’re prepping for it. Yeah, I miss it. Like this, I usually do the 15 K, the Turkey Trot. We do that every year. And this year was a little different. Huh, this year was a little different. I think I only I still ran that day, but I think only did maybe six miles. Right. But it’s definitely different. So I commend you definitely have the group to inspire you to continue to do the virtual runs.

Richard Conner 23:23

Absolutely. And, you know, that’s kind of how that’s how kind of how I got started here is I started talking about what I’m doing in terms of prepping for the races and my nutrition and, and the workouts that I’m doing and people were interested. So I’m like, Hey, you know, here’s an opportunity for not only me to share my story, but for others to come together and share their theirs as well. And that’s, that’s kind of what we’re what we’re all about. So, so yeah, so let’s, um, you know, we’ll see, we’ll see how next year plays out, but, again, post pandemic, still still promoting the virtual aspect of the community and still promoting the the virtual races as an option for you know, those who like it.

Tanisha Earls 24:03

Yeah, for sure. I think it’s a great way definitely to, to ease your way into like you’d mentioned earlier to ease your way you know, and there’s no pressure. Some may feel pressure, there’s absolutely no pressure. So I think it’s, it’s great. I think as long as you’re moving, it’s great.

Richard Conner 24:20

Absolutely, absolutely. Keep keeping moving. And when you mentioned the the turkey trot. Tell me a little bit about that. You know, one of the questions I like to ask runners is like, what’s your What’s your favorite race? And you mentioned the turkey trot. I’m wondering if that is your favorite or is there another one?

Tanisha Earls 24:37

That is my favorite that is the 15 K, and of course, metals, the metals, the best metal, it’s the best one I have. I mean, let’s not discount the medals. I’m all in for the medals, but it’s the best one it’s we have a little incline we have some flat running we have some little troll running we’re we’re in the dirt so it’s we’re running by water. Running through a housing area. It’s the best. It’s the best run. It’s just enough. For me. It’s just enough. It’s Yeah, I wanted to that one head in. All right, we’re gonna do this. Let’s sign up. Mm hmm. So we did a night, and I loved every minute of it. It was towards the end I I shed some tears. Because I loved every minute of it. It was it was a nice experience. It was a thrill. It was a perfect trail for me. It was, I don’t know about you, but I hills me and hills are not friends.

Richard Conner 25:37


Tanisha Earls 25:37

So that was my first introduction of running hills. And so it was, it was nice. It was bittersweet that first run. But then the second third time was, it was nice. The very first time it was a shock. We ran and it was some trails, it was some dirt. It was street running. The crowd was amazing. The energy was amazing. But it was hard. It was hard. And I was so proud because I didn’t quit. It’s so easy to stop and walk. And I kept moving. So that just turned in to my one of my favorite runs.

Richard Conner 26:13

Okay, excellent. So we’ve talked a lot about, you know, how you get started. You talked about the races, your experiences, your favorite race. Tell me a little bit about like throughout, your journey. What would you say would be the biggest obstacle that you faced? And then how did you overcome it?

Tanisha Earls 26:34

Wow, I would say maybe the food portion. Okay. Because once I got into running, it’s kind of like it. It consumed me. I just went all in. You know, someone would say you want to go for a run? Yes. If you want to go for a run, you know, for the first couple years. It’s like, Oh, I did this. I think there’s a meme about it. When someone says What did you do this weekend? Oh, I did five miles. I did six miles, you just go into this, this running diary. And you did the whole weekend. But it was more or less? Probably the food because I noticed I was changing. And you’re married? Correct?

Richard Conner 27:12

I am.

Tanisha Earls 27:13

And so all of a sudden, I started doing two dinners. Who does that?

Richard Conner 27:17

One for you and one for the family?

Tanisha Earls 27:19

Yes. So So, you know, I’ve grown up, you know, this is what you get, you don’t throw a fit you eat. So I want to say that was probably the hardest thing for me was doing that transition was probably the food. And really, really just paying attention to what I was putting into my body. That is probably one of the hardest things that and I’m still learning about it to this day. That was my biggest challenge, I would say is the food. Not so much the running not so much the working out. It’s the food.

Richard Conner 27:55

Okay, well, well, thank you for sharing that. I definitely agree. It’s definitely part of, you know, what you what you need to consider when you consider your health. And you know, we talked about running and and other aspects of fitness here. And nutrition is, is just as important. And it’s a it’s a topic that we historically hadn’t talked about on the show, but we started to, to bring on some guests and have some conversation around nutrition and that aspect of health that’s

Tanisha Earls 28:25

definitely go hand in hand. Yeah.

Richard Conner 28:27

You know, your story is awesome. I love meeting people who say I wasn’t a runner, I never thought about running. And then all of a sudden, like one day there’s that that moment where things changed. And for and for you. It was the Fitbit and the encouragement with with your friends and with your family to get into running. And that i think that i think that’s awesome. And I appreciate you sharing that story with us. So you know, kind of as we as we wrap up here, our community is a mix of folks who are runners. And there’s others who are starting to run or just kind of getting into their running journey, and maybe others who are just considering it. So like, what what would you say to our community, you know, based on your experience to kind of help either motivate them to start running or motivate them to continue with their running.

Tanisha Earls 29:21

Well just start, it doesn’t matter how fast you go, whether you’re walking, whether you’re running, whether you’re jogging, just start get up and move that is my go to just keep moving. If you start off running, then you want to walk, that’s fine. It’s okay, take a walk. It’s okay. You’ve already beat how many people still in the bed. So take your time. As you mentioned goals, write down your goals. What do you want to do? Where do you see yourself? I would say Take your time. Just Just start. Just start somewhere for the ones that are already moving, keep it up. What are your goals? What are your? How are you challenging yourself during this time right now? How are you motivating yourself? Are you surrounding yourself with a group of people with the same dreams with the same goals? You know, can you? Do you have that person that you can talk to and say, I want to do this, and, you know, they jumped on board, okay, let’s go do it. You know, get around a crowd that’s doing the same thing or doing better than you. That’s what I find myself doing, hanging around people that are going faster. So I can pick up my speed, and encouraged me along the way. So I would just say keep moving. Don’t stop. Just keep doing it.

Richard Conner 30:39

Well, sage advice for community. Thank you so much.

Tanisha Earls 30:43

Oh, thank you for having me. I appreciate it.

Richard Conner 30:46

Yeah, no problem. And this has been awesome. And your story is very inspirational. So how can the Inspire Virtual Runs community find you and follow your journey

Tanisha Earls 30:59

on Instagram, they can definitely go to my page. It’s a public page. It’s runningdiva2. just like it, I do share my runs when I do run. And when some mornings are hard, I share those too. And some days I walk, even though I love running some days, just you know, I’m just gonna walk today. So just follow me on Instagram, runningdiva2.

Richard Conner 31:23

Awesome. Thank you so much, again to Tanisha, I’ll put that in the show notes. Again, appreciate you coming on the show and sharing your journey as well as these insights. And yeah, with that, have a great day.

Tanisha Earls 31:36

Oh, thank you so much. Thank you for having me again.

Richard Conner 31:41

Wow, what a great conversation. I just want to take a moment to thank Tanisha for coming on the show and sharing her inspiring story with all of us. And I’d like to share with you three things that I really enjoyed from the conversation. The first thing is what Tanisha just said about celebrate successes along the way, this is so important because it’s a long journey. And we want to be able to stay motivated and take the moment to just acknowledge the progress that we’ve made during our journey. The second thing is change takes time. So she talked about like one step at a time. It’s not gonna happen overnight. But if you set your routine and you stick with it, you’re going to get there. And the third thing is about the support group, the importance of having that support group, whether it’s your friends, or family, just having that support, again on those days that you’re not feeling up to it, or the times that you need to be pushed a little bit harder. And of course, you have the Inspire Virtual Runs community that can also support you. So these are the three things that I took away from the conversation. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave a review. Visit us at Let us know what you think. Let us know what other topics that we should cover. With that. Thanks again for listening and have a great day.

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