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Virtual Runs: The New Normal?

Quarantine has changed the way we interact with others and the world as a whole. It would be easy to use this time to become reclusive and drown ourselves in junk food. At the same time, binge-watching Netflix (seriously, why do they keep asking, “Are you still watching?). Many can say, “Been there, done that.” However, no one I’ve spoken to feels good about themselves after a short while of this situation. So, what to do now?

You can get back on track by disciplining yourself and bettering yourself physically. And how do we do this? I think virtual runs are an excellent alternative and motivator. Although starting my training a year and a half ago, I am still a relative newbie to the running world. I participated in community group runs before, but honestly, they intimidated me. There were so many people better and faster than me.
As a mom of small children, I would often go to the gym and exercise before they woke up so I could be the best mom. Then COVID-19 hit and gyms closed. So, I did what I could do, and that was to run. Concentrating mainly on my running training, I improved my time. Still, even running became commonplace, and I desired something new and different. I found Virtual Runs. These runs helped motivate me and keep me interested in my training.

On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, I got up pre-dawn and prepped to run my DC Wonder Woman Run (5K). My 5K was a course route of choice, and my only competitors were myself and my running app timer. Knowing that I was to share my time with runners all over the world, I was determined to do my best and push myself harder than I do on most training days. The run went well, and I was able to clock a personal best!

Even though we are separated physically, we are united in this effort to better ourselves. Virtual races are a way to motivate us to keep ourselves strong, disciplined, and show the importance of good physical health during this globally stressful time.