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Live a Healthy and Successful Life Never Dreamed Possible with Kimberly Bourbeau! Ep61

#061 – Full-time corporate, Regional Vice President with Arbonne, wife, and mom of 3, Kimberly Bourbeau, shares her inspiring story about finding her way back from addiction and building a successful life for herself and her family while helping those around her.

Topics Covered:

  • Journey back to a healthy lifestyle and reaching your full potential
  • Benefits of being active and living a healthy lifestyle
  • How to stay positive and motivated to reach your goals
  • Being an inspiration for your kids and those around you

Today’s Guest

Kimberly Bourbeau building a healthy and successful life

Kimberly Bourbeau

Kimberly is full-time corporate, Regional Vice President with Arbonne, wife, and mom of 3, dog mom, and athlete.

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Listen to Inspire to Run Podcast:

Kimberly Bourbeau 0:00

So the external force was was my family like just knowing that I was meant for something more and I wasn’t living up to my potential like that was real. So not only was I depressed, you know, having to take the pills I was depressed because I like you know, I wasn’t living up to my potential and like I knew I was letting you know my family down the world down. Even like even back then like when my mind was cloudy like I still like had that like dash cam like just get it together.

Intro/Outro 0:25

Welcome to Inspire to run podcast. Here you will find inspiration. Whether you’re looking to take control of your health and fitness or you’re a seasoned runner, looking for community and some extra motivation. You will hear inspiring stories from amazing runners, along with helpful tips from fitness experts. Now, here’s your host, Richard Conner.

Richard Conner 0:48

Hi, everyone, welcome to Inspire to Run Podcast, I’m here with Kimberly Bourbeau, who is a mom of three wife, dog mom, full time corporate Regional Vice President with Arbonne, on top of always setting new personal goals for fitness, health and wellness. Welcome to the show, Kimmi.

Kimberly Bourbeau 1:07

Hi, oh my gosh, I’m so happy to be here.

Richard Conner 1:11

I am so happy that you’re here as well. You are truly the definition of mover and shaker. We’ve been trying to get this together for a long time this year. I’m happy, we’re able to do so. But you’re an incredible athlete, and amazing entrepreneur. And I’m excited to share your story with our listeners. So thank you so much again for coming on the show.

Kimberly Bourbeau 1:30

Of course, thank you for having me.

Richard Conner 1:32

So let’s let’s get into it. You know, you’re successful today in what you’re doing and your personal life and your business professional life. And it wasn’t always that way you have such a truly inspirational story. So let’s, you know, wind the clock back and hear a little bit about you.

Kimberly Bourbeau 1:49

Oh, goodness, okay. So, I mean, I feel like ever since I was so I was a competitive gymnast growing up. So I was always goal oriented back then. And then after high school, I kind of was a little bit lost, like trying to like fit in with the wrong crowd. find my place in the world. I guess that’s really what it is. But for me, like I was always a person who strived for something amazing. But then again, I was a little bit lost. So I you know, my friend, one party handed me these little yellow pills. And it was like, take them and you’ll be so happy. Needless to say, those two little yellow pills started this awful journey of addiction. You know, but I always knew in life, like I was meant for something more like, I have an amazing like, nothing ever brought me to addiction. I was never abused. I was ever rainbows ever blessed it like thank God. But I was just, you know, I just found something and I hung on to it. And that’s kind of where I am now in my life. Like I’m just hungry for success and more. But back then being a little bit lost trying to find my place in the world being young and naive. I just kind of like hung on to it and ran with it. And it took a hold of my life for over 10 years. So I still went to college. I you know, I still held jobs, but I was always, you know, just went back to that lifestyle. But deep down like I knew, like I was meant for something more. So people like look at me now they’re like, Okay, like, you’ve overcome addiction. And I’m just like, Yeah, you know, it’s just, it’s, you know, what are under the bridge for me, but I know, it’s so much more than that, because I just kind of gotten used to living this, like sober lifestyle, but like, that was a huge, you know, back then, like, they say a minute at a time a day at a time. Like that was a big thing. Like I couldn’t even like function. You know, now I kind of just played off like, yeah, you know, nine year sober, like, that’s nine years in April, it’ll be fine. I’m like, holy crap, Kim. Like, that’s a huge thing. Because like, I know, like, I’m a miracle. Most people don’t even have that luxury. So I try not to take that for granted. But for me, I’m just kind of like, you know, now, I’m just used to this lifestyle. Now. You know, people were like, Okay, why are you always hungry for new goals? Like you’re in the gym, you’re you’re growing in your company. I’m like, that’s just me like, it’s just who I am. So, but yeah, I was in a in a dark place, I was a little bit lost. And now I’ve you know, now I just kind of live this amazing, beautiful life. And I was given a second chance at life. And I’ll be damned if I don’t take advantage of that. That’s kind of my mindset these days. Like, you’re here for a reason. Like, go serve your purpose. And Go share it with other people and go help other people who are struggling because I know a lot of people are out there, whether it’s like, you know, drug addiction, like whatever, whatever it is, like the world is out there struggling and that’s why I try and just be that positive, you know, light in a dark world because it is like you just look you look right, left, right. It’s just like, oh, like everybody’s got something going on. And I don’t try to be like boastful or bragging I just try and show people that if I can do it, like you could do it. So that’s just where I am with that.

Richard Conner 4:48

Wow, what an incredible story Kimmy and I really, really appreciate you sharing that with our community with our listeners. You know, there’s there’s a lot of folks who might be struggling with something and it may not necessarily be addiction But it’s something that they feel stuck and maybe not able to move on or change their life. And I really want to kind of explore your story a little bit just to kind of help them in their own journeys and figure out, like, how do they do that? So, you know, let’s talk a little bit about kind of the 10 years in terms of, you know, what was the point? Was there a point in time where you felt like, I need to make a change, I want to make a change, I’m making this commitment to do so were there external influences was kind of a turning point, like, what kind of led you there during that, or after that 10 years.

Kimberly Bourbeau 5:32

So I’m very family oriented. And I just remember my mom looking at me and being like, like, really, like, you know, I let her down again. And like, it was just, like, heartbreaking. And having my dad to drive me up to might, like, you know, work overnight, drive me two hours to my cousin, so I can like detox properly, and just be separated from the drugs temporarily. Because I knew once I was separated for a little bit of time, like I would be okay, with just the initial separation, it was the external forces. And plus, I always had something in me like, Kim, like, you’re meant for something more. And I had that, like, always playing in the back of my head. And like, no matter, like, I would wake up every morning, like, Okay, today is gonna be the day that I’m going to do it today is going to be the day that I’m going to start fresh, and then leave this to say, like, 20 minutes later, you know, I throw it away. So, but every day, I woke up with that driving force. And like, now, I still have that driving force, like, today’s gonna be a day that I’m gonna go out and get something like, I’m gonna go out and, you know, do something great. So I was just feeding the, you know, the bad wolf back then. So the external force was, was my family, like, just knowing that I was meant for something more, and I wasn’t living up to my potential, like, that was real. So not only was I depressed, you know, having to take the pills. I was depressed because I like, you know, I wasn’t living up to my potential. And like, I knew I was letting you know, my family down the world down. Even, like, even back then, like, when my mind was cloudy, like, I still like had that like dash cam, like, just get it together.

Richard Conner 6:56

Yeah. So that turning point was, you know, not let wanting to let your family down, and especially your mom, and I appreciate you sharing that. And you took it one day at a time. And it’s, it’s interesting, because I just recently heard the story, I think it was from Ed my lat about one more day. And it sounds like, you know, you did the same thing. So what kind of kept you going each day, to do the right thing to do something that was in pursuit of your goals instead of, you know, in the opposite direction.

Kimberly Bourbeau 7:24

So it’s kind of just like the discipline, even like the discipline with with the gym. Now, it’s like these little mundane things that you do every day that add up to huge results. And I just told myself every day, like, you’re not gonna pick up, you’re not, you’re not gonna pick up. And that’s where like, having a strong faith comes into play. Like, back then I did, the meetings are great, I feel like everybody should go through a 12 step program, because you get to really discover yourself. And you know, every day I was just kind of like, you’re not going to do it, you’re not going to do it. And then just distract your mind in a positive way, like, do assumable things like you’re building your self esteem, like you’re helping other people by doing those things. So that’s just kind of what I got into is just keeping myself busy in a positive way. And that’s where like the gym came into play for me to get back into it. Because like I said, I was a competitive gymnast, I lost my weight for a little bit like health and fitness is like my passion. So it was all starting to come back together for me. And I was like, okay, like working out is greatly releases the endorphins if you feel good about yourself. So I was just started doing those little things that made me feel good about myself, I was going to church, I was babysitting my cousin’s, you know, helping my family out, like, stuff like that, and all those like little positive things. And before I knew it, I was like, breaking up this clean time. And I was just like, feeling better about myself. And like, the more separation I got, like, the less and less I thought about, you know, the drugs and doing harmful stuff to my body and stuff like that. So it’s just distracting yourself in a positive way.

Richard Conner 8:48

All right. Well, you know, you I love what you said about the positive things that you’re doing in terms of moving. And that’s one of the pillars that we talked about here on the show. It’s the second pillar is called movement. And we talked about how it not only helps you physically, but also mentally, and it sounds like it did that for you, right? You said it kept you busy. It also helps you kind of work through what you’re going through. So let’s talk a little bit more about that. So you’re now 10 years have passed, you’ve made the commitment. You’ve gone through the 12 step program. You’re eventually back into the gym. Let’s talk about like, what was that movement? Like? Did you feel like you’re just back in the saddle, as they say, or what was that like kind of getting back into the gym or getting back into the healthy lifestyle?

Kimberly Bourbeau 9:31

Yeah, no, it felt great. I, you know, I’m just someone who like clings on to things. So I had my first son, my friend posted a picture of her working out and then I was like, wow, like, I really want to get consistent with it. So I signed you know, I just started training with her, and then I just kind of like, and then that’s where our bond came into my life and I just kind of like locked it all in together between like fitness, fueling my body properly, being motivated, having new goals. So it all kind of just like came back into play, and then I just kind of ran with it. And that’s been my journey ever since just running in the positive direction. So, I mean, obviously Folker that’s just who I am by nature. Like, you know, I’m an athlete, I’m a competitor. I just I love health and wellness. So that like, once it’s all like dusted off, I guess the old me, it felt good to be back in the saddle. Pretty much. It’s like it was like riding an old bike. Yeah, like you never you never forget it.

Richard Conner 10:24

Well, I could give the listeners an example of that. What I witnessed firsthand was, I met you earlier, I think it was earlier in 2022. And, you know, didn’t see you actually compete probably until much later in the year. And I’d never seen you compete or running these races. And I remember I watched you do that DEKA strong was probably your first one. Right? It was it was strong. Oh my gosh. Incredible. I’m like, Who is this Kimmy?

Kimberly Bourbeau 10:52

It’s funny too. Because Kevin is our is our coach Richard and my coach. It was funny, he invited me to these Decker competitions. I had no idea what they were. He’s like, come bring your fears. Bring your protein. I’m like, sure, whatever. Like, I love meeting new people. And after two times of being there, I was like, I could do this. I was like, I want to do this. I mean, watching a DEKA like, doesn’t look fun at all, like it’s torture. But it’s it’s rewarding in the same time, right? You’re just smiling. But after two, but that’s just my mindset. I was like, I can do this. So for training, I think I started training in like August. Yeah. And we got very far right very quickly. So but that just goes to show like the nature of who I am just like a go getter. And like the fact that you’re right, I two times a being there. I was like, I want to do this. And here we are like World Championship later. It’s just like, oh, just goes to show like you can really once you put your mind to something and like you have a goal. Nothing could stop you.

Richard Conner 11:49

Truer words have never been spoken. You’re absolutely right. And, you know, it’s funny, because I remember our first conversation, we had a really great conversation that that first event, I didn’t know Kimmy as the athlete, right. So I’m like, okay, you know, and you’re like, Yeah, I’m gonna compete. I’m like, oh, okay, you know, first time competing. And I was completely blown away. She was like, Oh, I remember if you I think you’d hit the time, the target time that you’re looking for a pretty close. I’m like, Wow, that’s pretty incredible for someone who’s never done that before. And congratulations there with with the work that you’ve done there. Congratulations to getting world to world championships. And I mean, honestly, you’ve inspired me, I told Kevin, I was like, You know what, I think I’m gonna focus more on deca, in 2023, along with, you know, my half marathon road races, which is my primary focus. But you’ve definitely inspired me to do better because I didn’t even think I did. The time that you got, I think I did 2x That my first time. Like, I’m like, I’m like, Oh my gosh, I got to actually work. I got to work really hard at this to get to your level. So you inspire me.

Kimberly Bourbeau 12:49

Thank you. Thank you. And that’s all I want to do is inspire other people see it just it’s I love how this works.

Richard Conner 12:55

So let’s talk a little bit more about kind of your your fitness plans and fitness goals. And then you know, I’d love to talk more about like holistically health and fitness in the work that you’re doing with Arbonne. But let’s just, you know, talk a little bit about like, where are you headed? Now, now that you kind of achieve what you achieved up to this point. You’re on a great path. What’s next for you in terms of your running and DECA? And just, you know, overall kind of fitness?

Kimberly Bourbeau 13:20

Yeah. So I mean, will you inspired me to become a runner, I also have a very good friend of mine who’s a runner. I just want to say like my like, lifetime, I never want to stop dreaming. I never want to stop achieving, like I just like, always want to, you know, set a goal and then go after and get it because you know, I have three little kiddos and like, I want them to see that. Like if mommy sets a goal like I can too. So not only am I helping myself, like I’m helping them too. So that’s amazing. So if you have kiddos, like seriously, like those little eyes are watching you and like there’s nothing like watching your kids be like Mom, did you do it? Like did you do it? Like how to go like, so that’s really like why I wake up every day with like that, you know, that fire burning in my heart. Like, I’m getting emotional because those kids seriously just like, they’re the future for real. And if they can set a goal and achieve it and watch you do it like it’s just seriously like you’re just going to instill amazing children. So what’s next for me? i Oh, gosh. So I’m excited to see what a full year of DEKA training will do. Honestly, I personally, I think I did amazing at the world championship, but I know I can do better, which is amazing. So I want to you know, work a little bit harder. I just did the Decker strong. I don’t know if you guys know this. There’s three there’s two other DECOs I want to give those a whirl. There’s something called High Rocks which my friend introduced me yesterday to it’s I feel like if you could do a high rocks, you could probably save the planet from like, honestly, I’m looking at it and I’m just like, holy cow. Like I’m intimidated. But you know what? That’s where growth happens if you’re a little bit scared. Great. Do it anyway. So I’m gonna give that a whirl. I want to get my personal training certificate because people are now like, Alright, like I see what you’re doing. Like, can you train me and I’m like, Yeah, I definitely can but I like I want to have a personal you No, I want to get nutrition certified. Like I have so many goals. I just need to like get them on paper because they’re all in my head. And that’s what keeps me up at night because I’m just like, ooh, like, what’s next? What’s next? So I have a lot of fitness goals. So,

Richard Conner 15:11

yeah, I can totally see that. And, you know, kind of going back to what you said about the kids, I just read something today, in fact, about, you know, the kids watching you, and they’re going to do what you do, but take it to the extreme. So if you’re, if you’re doing good things, you know, that’s only going to be good for for them. If they’re observing you do that. So that’s, that’s really wonderful.

Kimberly Bourbeau 15:31

They’re great. And disclaimer, I’m sitting in my car because I have three littles and they’re insane. So this is where like the pieces. I’m so sorry, but I’m gonna pay my car. Don’t worry, they’re supervised in there. But

Richard Conner 15:44

yeah, no, no worries, I hear a little feed up going running around upstairs too. So same same situation in my house. But um, so So thank you for sharing that, you know, just a little bit about DEKA, because this is a really, really interesting kind of race or kind of, I guess, hybrid kind of race. And I’m a runner, so I want to run and anything that doesn’t have to do with running is not something that’s really all that interesting to me. But there is some running in DEKA. So the reason why I started DEKA, probably, I think it was last year was we were coming out of the pandemic, but I wasn’t really comfortable getting back out there and doing a ton of Spartan Races or just regular road races. And DEKA is really kind of small and intimate, right? You have 10 stations, and you have a small group of people, unless you’re going to one of those, you know, very large events. And it was kind of nice to kind of ease back into the world in that way. And even though I had been running throughout the pandemic, I really felt like I lost a ton of fitness from you know, prior to the pandemic. I mean, prior to the pandemic, I felt like I was in the best shape of my life, you know, even better than it was, you know, high school college. And beyond that, and I was doing Spartan Races, I was reaching a lot of my fitness goals and then and then you know what happened after that. So DEKA was kind of a way to get back into it. And that’s, you know, I’m joking around about my first DEKA time because it truly was terrible. But it was like this. It was like the start. Yeah, I did. I did. But it’s deceivingly it looks easier than it is. So you’re, you’re watching folks go through it. And you’re like, that doesn’t really seem so hard. Why do they look like they’re suffering so much? And you don’t really understand until you go through it yourself. But, but it’s been a great challenge. And it was kind of kickstarting, you know, my own restarting my own fitness journey. So,

Kimberly Bourbeau 17:34

yeah, yeah, no, it’s so cool, too. I know, it looks I know, it’s it’s intense. And even like Eddie, bringing my husband to the championship. Everyone’s like, why don’t you do this? He’s like, because I like to have fun. And for me, like, I think it’s fun. Like, yeah, it’s torture. But the reward you get from completing something like that. Nothing can compare. I mean, like, once you get up off of zone 11, where you’re like, just lying on the floor, but like, the way you feel after like, because like, even midway through, you’re like, I can’t do this, like I can’t go on but you’re just like you do it anyway, you push through it. And that’s what I love about it too. And although like you’re competing for like, a best time in the world, you’re truly competing against yourself like you want, you just want to beat your time over and over and over again. And that’s what I think is so cool, too is just like, you just want to get better you like you want to be who the person you were yesterday. And that’s, that’s who I am every day like I just want to wake up and be better than I was yesterday. And, and and DEKA is truly like that’s the definition too. So I love it. Like it’s, it’s come into my life and I’m just like, wow, like I love that this came into my life at that exact moment because now I’m just I was a little complacent, like three kids like I was going to the gym like, you know, but if Kenny had baseball, I’m like, oh, you know, I’m gonna skip today. But now I’m like, no Kim, like Kenny has baseball tonight you’re going 5am in the morning because that’s your commitment to yourself. And I’m just a better human when I’m when I take that time and like 5am is such a, an awful hour but honestly, I’ve grown to love it because like, that’s me time like I’m there like it’s and then I come home and I can even still shower in peace before the kids wake up and just the chaotic Ness starts but I’m just a better human when I take that time for myself and even sometimes, like prior to like getting Decker started my husband like heavy to the gym lately and I’d be like, no. He’s like, alright, I’ll just go I’ll take care of the kids because for me that’s my therapy that’s my release because like you know mom of three two full time jobs like you know, dinner food, clean the house, like, you know, when are you really taking care of you and I’ve grown to learn that self care is self serving, not selfish. A lot of people get those confused and that was like a pivotal moment in my life where I’m like, no, like, I need that time for me like I’m a better wife. I’m a better mom I’m a better citizen in the world if I take care of me and a lot of people don’t get that and I just I wish I could like shout that from the rooftops and like shake people sometimes like no like it Okay, it’s okay to take some time for you. It truly

Richard Conner 20:03

is, and you said, so many important things. But you know, some of the key things that I took away is about how fitness can really challenge you and change you, right and keep you moving. So I love what you said there. I love what you said about kind of the discipline and you know, getting up at 5am. And if you’re not doing it, you know, you’re like, wait a minute, something’s missing in my life. So and that’s great that you have a supportive husband, right? To allow you to do those things allow you not have permission. And

Kimberly Bourbeau 20:30

yeah, and he’s the downhill mountain biker, like, he has his thing, like, DEKAs my thing, and the gym is my thing. And like, he likes to go ride his bike, unfortunately, there’s no mountains on Long Island. So he’s got to travel a little bit, but I’m just like, You know what, like, that’s what makes you happy. Go, like, you know, I got this, you know. So, yeah, we’ve we’ve learned that we got to take care of him. And I understand that too. Like, sometimes we go, like, I want you to be home, but just I get it, like I get it. So we figured out that balance in our relationship and our family dynamic. So it just works for us. And I pray that everybody has some type of support, but if you don’t like you can figure it out anyway. Because Because you will.

Richard Conner 21:09

For sure, for sure. And then the last part about you know, kind of that self care, so so that’s really important than doing things for yourself, and you can get caught up with doing things for everybody else, or everything else that needs to get done. But if you’re not taking care of yourself and your health, I personally feel like it’s gonna be harder for you to do everything else. Right. So I think that’s, that’s really important. So thank you so much, Kimmy for sharing all those things, and the inspiration and the wisdom. And I really love to talk to you know, more on you know, what you’re doing from an entrepreneurs standpoint within the health and wellness industry with Arbonne. So tell us a little bit about you know, the work that you’re doing there. Thank you. So

Kimberly Bourbeau 21:47

for someone like me who’s just like an overachiever go getter, like being an entrepreneur was like, couldn’t be a more perfect like job title for me because you make your own hours you decide the income you’re gonna make. And for me, it just kind of like aligned with Arbonne because it’s health and wellness. So, you know, I was taking care of myself in the gym. I honestly, I couldn’t understand where my abs were. I’m like, hello, like what’s happening, I didn’t know how to fuel my body properly. So once I got that nutrition aspect, and it completely changed the game for me. So then I started eating cleaner. I started reading more labels because I never used to really care about labels until I became a mom now, like, I’m horrified by some of the labels that I read today. I started eating clean and then like, I slowly converted my other everyday products between like, you know, skincare makeup, you know, Arbonne doesn’t have detergent, but I like just top cleaner detergent, because like all those little things, there’s toxins and everything. So I you know, my path just aligned with a 42 year old company, who’s just known for cleaner, safer products. And then I people were just naturally asking me like Kim, like, what are you doing like you’re working out your skin’s glowing like, you’re just have this positive, happy aura. And I’d be like, oh, like Arbonne, Arbonne, little did I know, like, I was marketing these products, this company without even truly trying. So it just, it just kind of like worked out for me. And then plus that, like, that’s my passion is like helping people, you know, physically, nutritionally, mentally, emotionally. And it just, it just all aligned. So I am most definitely blessed that Arbonne has come into my life, at the right time at the right moment, like so it all just aligned. So people, you know, I can help people with their nutrition, I can help people with their fitness and everything just all together. So it’s, it’s been a blessing in my life, I never thought I’d be involved in something like this. I never thought I’d be on social selling. But honestly, I just show people that I am crazy, out of my mind, a blessed mom who uses these products, and I have grown an incredible business, I’ve helped hundreds and hundreds of people, again, getting emotional, get get healthier, get a new vision on life. And it’s just I cannot wait to see what the and I’ve only started that company five years ago. So I can’t wait to see where that takes us to in the next five years. So it’s, it’s been a blessing, for sure.

Richard Conner 24:07

Well, congratulations. I’ve seen your photos on stage, getting the well deserved recognition, like you are just incredible. And like you said, all of the people that you’ve helped, it’s just amazing. And I’m sure they look up to you, you know, you help them along their journey. You’re a big part of their lives, and you’re making an impact. And you’re you’re really you’re really living your purpose here. Thank you. You know, there’s a couple of questions. There are a couple of questions that I like to ask all of our guests. I think one of them you probably share the answer to. But one of the questions, maybe I’ll change it a little bit is what is the biggest obstacle you faced in your life? And how did you overcome it? I don’t want to answer for you, but I assume you would answer what’s kind of your addiction phase. So if that’s the case, what would you say would be the biggest obstacle in your kind of your health and fitness journey and how do you overcome it?

Kimberly Bourbeau 24:59

So would definitely, obviously, definitely the addiction part. And then putting myself back in that place of the addiction part is like the self doubt like, Can I do this? Can I overcome this like that negative head trash that I know we all have, whether it’s that where you talk yourself out of doing the positive things because you’re comfortable because you feel safe because, you know, you’re scared to make the next step like, am I going to fail? Am I going to succeed? Like what’s you know, so I think that would be the biggest obstacle because even like, sometimes, you know, I do like, Kim, like this thought this dream you have is like crazy, like, are you? Do you really think you can do that. And I’m just, you know, like, so you kind of talk yourself out of it when you really should be talking yourself into it. Because we just get overcome by the world and clamor, and now the negative negativity that you just kind of like talk yourself out of the dreams and the goals and you stay stuck. Like that’s, I don’t want anybody to ever feel stuck. Like that’s the worst feeling in the possible world that you could just feel stuck then. And you don’t have to feel that way. So. And like I said, it’s like those little daily mundane steps that you think are not adding up to anything that they truly are that you actually like, look back and you’re like, holy cow, like, wow, for sure,

Richard Conner 26:09

for sure. Kimmy, thank you so much. I really, really enjoyed this conversation, you know, kind of as we wind down here, what would be the one thing you would say to our listeners to help inspire them to run?

Kimberly Bourbeau 26:21

Oh, my gosh, just do it. Just do it seriously, I know I’m not a Nike promotional girl, but just do it like this challenge yourself. Okay, so with Arbonne, we do a 28 day program, you know, by 2018. Like, just give yourself like an even for me, like back in the day with addiction. Just just take it one day, okay, so tomorrow, go to bed, and I think tomorrow, I’m gonna wake up 7am 9am, whatever the time is, and I’m gonna run like, put it in your calendar, put it like set a time set a date, because it’s been proven, statistically proven. I don’t know the statistics on it, that if you have a date, you haven’t like, you’ll do it. So just challenge yourself. Okay. So for one week, just say one week, I’m gonna get up every day at 7am and run. And then you know, if that week is over, you’re like, holy cow, I did it. Alright, I’m gonna do it for another week. And then just keep telling yourself that way, okay, you know what, I’m gonna run to the stop sign, even if you’ve never run before, like, I’m just going to run to that stop sign, you know, so run to that stop sign. And then like, you make it there, you’re like, I can keep going. So the next time you gotta like, go to the next stop sign. So, you know, just keep challenging yourself that way, but just like, put it down on paper, set the time on your phone like that the alarm goes off and be like, okay, like, this is what we do now. Like, not just like, Oh, I gotta go run, no, no, this is what we do now. Like, we just get up, and we do it. But that’s all from my end, I am so honored to be here, I still look at myself sometimes. You know, when I walked the stage in Arbonne, when I competed at the world championship in DEKA, like, like, like me, like, little me. But I’m just so proud that I can be a person of example, that people, like, look up to me for support and help because like, I was never meant to live a life like that. But now, I’m here and I’m doing it. And I just all I can do is truly hope that I can, like help somebody else. Like, just break through their own barriers and just go for a goal. Go live a life you’ve never dreamed possible, because you can like you truly can between fitness between entrepreneurship between being a mom, a wife, like, you can do it all. Because if I can do it, for real, if I could do it, you could do it, too. So thank you. Thank you, Richard, I appreciate you. I’m so grateful for DEKA for bringing you into my life. And I’m just excited for all that is to come. And I love cheering you on to you and your goals. So

Richard Conner 28:36

thank you so much, Kimmy, for sharing all this information with us your life story, all of your successes, and you’ve done so much to help people during your health and fitness journey. How can our listeners and community help you and find you and follow your journey online?

Kimberly Bourbeau 28:51

Oh my gosh, um, well, like I said, I just simply show others that I am out of my mind. But I just show everybody like my daily life. Like I just show people what I eat, how I work out. I show my kids I show my kids being in like, funny. I show a little bit of everything. So if I mean I love connecting with people, like people messaged me all the time, and you know, they think like, oh my god, I can’t I’m like, like me like it’s me. So if you guys want to follow if I could just help inspire you like if you want to follow me on Instagram. Do you give out my like handle or do you? Yeah, ever? Yeah, please. Okay, so it’s Kimmy girl ki mm IGRL 24 You can follow me on Instagram and just like if you’re looking for like a little bit of inspiration like I can guarantee that you’ll find it there. So yeah, definitely reach out that way like start the connection like you know, tell me what your goals are and I will for sure hold you accountable and cheer you on through that. So that’s what I love to do. So yeah, if you just want to follow that’s your best way if you’re interested in starting, you know looking for some gym and for Like inspiration like I would love to help you out there. If you’re looking to get healthy like nutrition wise looking for like a new year new challenge, like hey, like, you know, it’s 2023 Like, it’s time like I’ve been, you know, I let the pandemic get the best to me like I’m ready to take a hold of my life, like just reach out like whether it’s, you know, nutritional products, skincare products, like whatever it is, honestly, it doesn’t even have to, like, produce income for me. I don’t care. That’s not why I do this. I truly just want to help you. So thank you, Richard, you’re the best.

Richard Conner 30:29

All right, thank you so much, can we really, really appreciate it really love this conversation? And with that, thanks again and have a great day.

Thank you to everyone. Hope you enjoyed this episode. This conversation inspired you to take that first step in your health and fitness journey. I’m excited to share with you a brand new resource. It’s called kickstart your fitness and five steps. It breaks down what has made others successful in their health and fitness journey into five simple steps. Come to inspire to run podcast on Instagram, DMS, the word kickstart and you can sign up for your free guide. So with that, thanks again for listening and have a great day.

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That’s it for this episode of Inspire Virtual Runs Podcast sweet hope you are inspired to take control of your health and fitness and take it to the next level. Be sure to click the subscribe button to join our community. And also please rate and review. Thanks for listening

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