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Overcoming Obstacles in Running and Life! Episode 007

#007 – This is a special episode! Your host Richard Conner, marketer, runner, writer, husband, parent, and runner, shares his story about how he overcame obstacles during the pandemic and achieved the Spartan Virtual Trifecta. Richard shares ways that you can overcome obstacles and achieve your goals.

Motivation to Run for Fitness and Fun with Brian Doerr! Episode 006

#006 – Today’s guest Brian Doerr, is a Quality Control laboratory supervisor, married and has a son, and also loves sports and cars. Brian shares with us his story about how he first started running and his journey to 110 races and a 712-day running streak! Brian talks about running, family, and overcoming injury.

Simple Ways to Improve Your Runs with Yoga – Danielle Nardi! Episode 005

#005 – Today’s guest Danielle Nardi, is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, certified yoga teacher, and marathon runner. Danielle shares with us her story about how she first started running and her career transition into physical therapy and yoga. She also clears up some misconceptions about yoga and ways runners can incorporate it into their routine.

Run Then Wine with Sonia Gonzales! Episode 003

#003 – Today’s guest, Sonia Gonzales, is the founder of Run Then Wine and has been a runner for over ten years. She plans on putting Run Then Wine on the map as one the fastest growing courses in the US in bringing positive economic impact to New Mexico and inspiring people to be more health conscious.

Kickstart Your Running with Kevin Gregory! Episode 002

#002 – Today’s guest, Kevin Gregory has been a fitness trainer since 2013 and has an amazing story. He has spent years training people at all levels. Kevin shares his experience to help you kickstart your running program. In addition to running a personal training and small group training gym, Kevin hosts a running club that includes a running clinic open to all experience levels.

Welcome to the Inspire Virtual Runs Podcast! Episode 001

#001 – Welcome to Inspire Virtual Runs Podcast. Inspire Virtual Runs brings running tips, personal stories, and fitness information. Running offers so many benefits, but motivation is not always there. Inspire Virtual Runs is a running community to inspire you to run and reap those benefits.